Journey with me on the adventure which is "Scrolls".


Obelisk as created and drawn by the team at Majong for the game "Scrolls."

Obelisk as created and drawn by the team at Mojang for the game “Scrolls.”

It was the earliest humans who first used their rudimentary skill at stone crafting to erect the obelisks across the face of the earth. They were created initially,¬†to commemorate great events and later for legal use as boundaries to signify treaties between tribes. The words of the treaty¬†etched into the stone as a lasting memory to the covenants made between two people’s.

Now they can be seen at the far reaches of the empire, looming out of the darkness, sometimes decorated with lamps and plowed circles. They are sacred for they represent the solemn oaths of mankind. None are overgrown and to those of the Wyld they represent only suspicion and death. For where the great structures of man abound the life of river, tree and brush fades.

Now they serve as a rallying cry for humanity; a drawn line that their enemies may come this far and no further. Yet they also portend the first alarm of war for such places are seen easily by the Wyld and tech priests: so such places are targeted and torn down. They are ever destined it seems, to mark the fates of this world.


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